Floor Standing Server Rack

Floor Standing Server Rack

A network cabinet, also known as a rack, a server cabinet (English: Server Rack) is a combination of hardware structures designed to accommodate technical equipment including routers (routers), switches circuits (switches), hubs, storage devices (UPSs), cables and, of course, servers. It is also possible to understand the network cabinet as a bracket that allows to keep the server and many important devices attached in a firm, fixed position, contributing to ensuring stable operation. Network cabinets are often used by businesses that own servers, are located in data centers (data centers) or communication centers and are an integral part of the server.

Benefits of network cabinets

1.Optimize the structure of a server system: The network cabinet is usually a frame containing a tall, spacious, breathable structure, and can accommodate a variety of different devices in the same place. according to the relatively scientific layout. This helps keep the server system's hardware devices organized in an organized manner, thereby maximizing the use of floor space. For large-scale server systems, network cabinets can also be installed side by side in long rows, when teams are called server assemblies,

2.Better cabling management: A good quality network cabinet will be designed to make cabling system management easier and more efficient. You can set up hundreds of power cables, networks, and more through these brackets while maintaining a secure, neat, and organized way.

3.Delivers efficient cooling: Keeping network devices cool to optimize overall performance is often a major challenge for any data center, and network cabinets. is a device designed to support this task. The design of the network cabinet will be optimized so that the airflow can be easily circulated from the inside out and vice versa, and can also be equipped with a cooling system, mainly a cooling fan, and other cooling devices as needed depending on actual requirements.

4.Security support (physical): Network cabinets are usually made of hard metal and have a lock to limit unauthorized acts on the internal hardware equipment system. Besides, the closed network cabinet has a door that also helps prevent accidental or intentional collision with the power button or cable, which can cause unfortunate incidents.

The height of the network cabinet

In general, determining the height of the network cabinets is very important. You should not only consider the current use needs but also the future developments of. Be sure to choose the type of closet so that you can comfortably arrange hardware devices and cable routing in the most scientific way. This is not just a matter of whether you can fit the necessary equipment into the network cabinets, but also to promote ventilation, clean and neat inside the cabinet space. A spacious network cabinet, devices that are arranged in harmony will certainly give better cooling effect, more safety, and help improve the performance of the server.

The height of the network cabinets is calculated in separate units, called U or ru (rack unit, rack unit). In particular, 1U = 1.75 inch (4.45cm), common sizes for you to choose include 42U, 36U, 27U, 20U, 15U, 10U . More specifically, a 9U network cabinet (standard size) will 19 inches (approximately 48cm) wide and 15.75 inches (approximately 40cm) high.

Depth of network cabinets

Determining the depth of the network cabinets is also not a simple task because there will be many factors that you must consider. Information about the depth of the network cabinet will include several parameters:

Overall depth: Include the distance between the front and back of the cabinet as well as the thickness of the doors.

Maximum depth of use: It is the distance between the front and the back (front and back doors) of the cabinet, the thickness of the door, as well as every other part of the cabinet such as the bearing beams or parts, connecting Other additional profiles.

Maximum distance between racks: Normally in a network cabinet there will be at least 4 component racks, evenly divided between the front and the back of the cabinet. In fact, the width between the standard 19-inch brackets, however, the distance from the front stand to the back side is adjustable. Thus the maximum distance between the supports is the position after they are adjusted to the maximum distance from each other.

Maximum depth that can be set up: Small type network cabinets. Usually the maximum depth that the appliance can be placed will be equivalent to the internal depth of the cabinet when the brackets are placed furthest away from each other.

In summary, the height of the network cabinets is calculated in units U (1U = 4.45cm). The sizes to choose from include 42U, 36U, 27U, 20U, 15U, 10U, and the cabinet depth is 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1100mm. In general, the area of ​​a network cabinet will depend on what devices you need to put and how much is in that network cabinet.

Obviously, the need for the size of a small retailer's network cabinets will be different from the needs of a large telecommunications company or a medium-sized office.

Ensuring safety for network cabinets

Ensuring safety for equipment in the data center in general and for network cabinets in particular is always a factor that needs to be paid attention in any case. There are several methods to help you improve the security of your network cabinets and devices in your data center as follows:

1.Note that you should buy all types of cabinets with locks both in front and behind the doors

2.Install environmental controls to proactively understand the state of the environment inside the cabinet

3.Data center managers should pay close attention to monitoring the amperage on each circuit, temperature, humidity, and other changes inside the cabinet, while recording specific data and making plans. overcome immediately when noticing abnormal signs.

4.Install a number of sensors on the cabinet door, which helps identify and can alert managers when a cabinet door is opened or not closed properly.

5.Pay special attention to fire prevention and fighting in data centers.

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Quick Overview:

1. Combination aspect: Our modular room can be used as an overall solution. closed channel, racks, wiring, powder distribution, intelligent management and other parts can be also offered separately, which are fit well with any other brands. Manufacturer is responsible for drawing, producing, assembling on site for new cooperated brand products, and manual instruction will be offered at the same time.
2. Appearance aspect: Well designed by professional art team, beauty and function are coexisted. Different colors are available as per customers' request. Featured products are the perfect combination of champagne color enclosure and black aluminum racks, coordinated with colorful cable bridge, making the drab room more visual impacted and beautiful than before without losing technology sense.
3. Air distribution aspect: Our modular data center could take cold or hot aisle containment by combining with air supplying mode, which can effectively solve the energy waste and improve the efficiency of air conditioning refrigeration.
4. Power distribution aspect: Using the power supply way of busbar monitoring or intelligent power distribution. Compared with the traditional cabling power supplying, Busbar power supplying is more flexible on power supply configuration, which could be added at any time, plug and play if you want to.
5. Security Protection aspect: Closed channel door uses access control systems with many programs available, which can achieve linkage control together with operating illumination; Color video camera will be installed inside to get real-time monitoring for the aisle.
6. Intelligent management aspect: We develops a dedicated micro-module environment management system. Management system could keep real-time monitoring of infrastructure of IT equipment, air conditioning, lighting, humidity, video surveillance, channel controlling, dormer flapping, joint fire protection, and do statistics and analysis for the power consumption of the device. It could provide real time data of the key indicators -PUE value, capacity management asset management and other functional modules.
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General Description:
With the rapid development and constant fierce competition of the communication industry, operators begin to focus their full attention on the development of business and quality of the whole network. As the protection-support-system and the heart of  the entire network , network power system smooth running and service quality of network,which is self-evident. Therefore, the reliability and high availability of integrated network room becomes the basis of communication industry to develop stably.
LE modular data center divides whole room into several independent areas. the regional scale, power termination and configuration, etc are customized and designed according to the demand. A module is a single small independent data center. As the business requirements are expanding, the increasing of the independent module can satisfy different customers' demands of reliability level, power density, and safety level, so as to realize the Purpose of rapid construction. It integrates all subsystems such as racks, power distribution and supply, refrigeration, wiring and intelligent management, etc. It will support a flexible mode of deployment with single or double row closed cold/hot channel.
Enclosure structure:
Top cover and doors sizes could be customized according to cold/hot aisle; 
Standard size for the top cover:600/800*1200mm;Door: 1000*2200mm.

LE cabinets series:
Standard cabinets:600/800*1000/1200*2000/2200(W*D*H); mesh/glass door can be optional;
High-end cabinets:600/800*1000/1200*2000/2200(W*D*H); mesh/glass door can be optiona;

Specification: compy with 19inch installation standard;Doors: front and rear are mesh doors( other types are optional),side panel removable;Airfow:front in and rear out;Static loading: ≥1000kg;Cabe entrance: no less than 4pcs cable entry at the front and rear part of the rack,2 earthing kits at the bottom.

  1. Surface finish: Degreasing, picking, phosphating, then environmentally powder coated(Black with wrinkle finish or flat finish for option), the color could be customized to show the customers' company color, or could be designed with the racks' coor integrally;
  2. Dormer and aise modular are standard integrated modular, which is an independent structure not replying on racks loading capacity. Avoiding destroying the racks oading capacity, it is damping on the dormer which coud be turned sowly in 90degree;
  3. Aisle door: 5mm thickness toughened glass for the translational door(sliding door for option), size: 1000mm(W)*2200mm(H);it's required that the doors could  be automatically positioning when closed and automatically locked when closing;
  4. Ceiling: 5mm thickness toughened glass, up to 80% transmittance, it gets advantage of light weight and unbreakable to avoid wounding people; the ceiling could be customized according to the racks sizes and the length of the aisle. It's designed as an integrated modular center, produced by the factory, installed on-site,and it could be dismantled separately;
  5. Sealing: sealing bars are used between the unit modules and enclosure doors in the aisle,and it should be no visible gap to avoid cold air leaking efficiently;
  6. Joint fire protection: Once receiving the fire alarm signal, the dormer could been opened automatically. To avoid any emergency, it could be closed by hand; there is audible-visible annunciator  installed on the top of the translational doors, aisle door access get power linkage to cut off the electric power;
  7. Top cable management: Closed management, column management and pigtailed management(for option) could be used on the electric strength cable management, it could be installed top-mounted, or hoisted mounting(for option). The sizes could be designed according to electric strength cables, and it should avoid the mix design of the electric strength cable management, and no exposed cable management at the front and inside of the aisle;
  8. Assembly: There is no external screw design; it could be seamlessly assembled with the racks of different brands,size and height.


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