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Charging Cabinet

Latitude as a charging cabinet manufacturer & supplier you need to choose the materials first. locking steel cabinet with flow-through ventilation,fast USB charging, syncing and storage for 48 devices.

USB Server Rack Cabinet IP20 Charging Cabinet Cooling Fan System Two Handles On Top

USB Server Rack Cabinet IP20 Charging Cabinet Cooling Fan System Two Handles On Top

USB Charging Cabinet

1.SPCC quality cold rolled steel, 1.2mm thickness, with locker for anti-thef2.Doors type optional, two handles on top3.15U and 24U is standard height, usually 2~3 tiers, 16pcs in each tiers, Independent USB charge port4.Specially designed for school/factory/hospital/educational business use5.Charge for tablets/notebooks/drawing pads at same time. 6.High voltage fuse and power leakage protection design.7.Cooling fan system, two pcs for one tier8.Recycling charge control for energy save design9.Led light charge indicators.10.Rolling wheels with braked.

Server Rack Cabinet PDU Rack IP20 SPCC Material Rolling Wheels With Braked

Server Rack Cabinet PDU Rack IP20 SPCC Material Rolling Wheels With Braked

PDU Charging Cabinet

1.SPCC quality cold rolled steel, 1.2mm thickness, with locker for anti-thef2.Double mesh front and rear door help to keep cool inside 3.15U is standard height, usually 2tiers, 16 charge ports in each tiers4.800mm with is common, two pcs PDU in two sides5.Specially designed two handles on top for school/factory/hospital/educational business use6.Charge for tabletstebooks/drawing pads which with plug at same time. 7.High voltage fuse and power leakage protection design.8.Two Cooling fan on the top9.Recycling charge control for energy save design10.Rolling wheels with braked. 

Charging Cabinet Manufacturing

The iPad, Chromebook, tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices can all be charged, stored, and secured with Latitude's best and widest assortment of solutions.

Charging Cabinet Manufacturing Benefits

Manufacturing server charging cabinets and rack cabinets can provide multiple benefits, making them a great choice for schools, factories, hospitals, and educational businesses. High-quality charging station cabinets offer features such as cooling fan systems, high-voltage fuses, leakage protection design, charging control, and energy-saving design. These cabinets protect critical components from natural disasters, reducing the risk of fire and electric shock. They help maintain a safe environment for all users. Additionally, their aesthetically pleasing design, including wheels with brakes, can leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Charging cabinets can be constructed using fire-resistant materials, thermal air barriers between walls, and tightly fitted doors. These elements can prevent the spread of fire and protect the batteries in case of workplace fires, which is especially important for lithium-ion batteries that can ignite during charging. Lastly, these features ensure the safety of your charging station while also protecting the environment.

Equipment organization and management: Charging cabinets provide a centralized and secure location for storing and charging multiple electronic devices simultaneously. This is particularly beneficial in environments such as schools, offices, hospitals, or public spaces that require efficient management of numerous devices.

Space optimization: Charging cabinets are designed to maximize space utilization. They often have a compact design, offering efficient storage solutions to accommodate a large number of devices within a relatively small footprint. This is especially advantageous in areas with limited space.

Device protection and security: Charging cabinets typically come with robust security features. They may include lockable doors, separate compartments with secure charging ports, and even integrated security systems. These measures prevent theft, tampering, and unauthorized access to devices, ensuring their safety during the charging process.

Efficient charging and power management: Charging cabinets are designed to provide fast and efficient charging capabilities. They often employ intelligent charging systems that optimize power distribution to prevent overcharging or damage to devices. Additionally, some cabinets may have power management tools such as timers or scheduling options to ensure energy efficiency and cost savings.

Flexibility and compatibility: Charging cabinets can accommodate various types of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearable devices, and other portable electronic products. They typically offer multiple charging options, such as USB interfaces, AC outlets, or wireless charging pads, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Choosing Charging Cabinet Manufacturers

Reputable charging cabinet manufacturers typically provide ongoing maintenance and support services. In the market, you can find products and manufacturers with varying specifications and costs.

If you are looking for a charging cabinet manufacturer

that offers scalable solutions for charging cabinets

you can consider purchasing charging cabinets from Latitude.

These cabinets can serve as a convenient solution for charging your servers while keeping the charging ports accessible. They can hide the visible power infrastructure. Whether you need a small cabinet for classrooms or a large-scale deployment for an enterprise environment, you can choose charging capabilities and additional features based on your preferences.

Latitude, as a charging cabinet manufacturer, typically offers continuous maintenance and support services. This ensures that your charging cabinets remain in optimal working condition and any issues are promptly addressed through regular maintenance.

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