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USB Charging Cabinet

USB Charging Cabinet

1.SPCC quality cold rolled steel, 1.2mm thickness, with locker for anti-thef2.Doors type optional, two handles on top3.15U and 24U is standard height, usually 2~3 tiers, 16pcs in each tiers, Independent USB charge port4.Specially designed for school/factory/hospital/educational business use5.Charge for tablets/notebooks/drawing pads at same time. 6.High voltage fuse and power leakage protection design.7.Cooling fan system, two pcs for one tier8.Recycling charge control for energy save design9.Led light charge indicators.10.Rolling wheels with braked.

PDU Charging Cabinet

PDU Charging Cabinet

1.SPCC quality cold rolled steel, 1.2mm thickness, with locker for anti-thef2.Double mesh front and rear door help to keep cool inside 3.15U is standard height, usually 2tiers, 16 charge ports in each tiers4.800mm with is common, two pcs PDU in two sides5.Specially designed two handles on top for school/factory/hospital/educational business use6.Charge for tabletstebooks/drawing pads which with plug at same time. 7.High voltage fuse and power leakage protection design.8.Two Cooling fan on the top9.Recycling charge control for energy save design10.Rolling wheels with braked. 


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