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LE-FCS FC to FC Simplex Fiber Optic Adapter


Quick Overview:

• High size precision
• Fast and easy connection
• Lightweight and durable metal housings
• Zirconia ceramic alignment sleeve
• High wearable
• Good repeatability
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  • Specification

insertion loss:≤0.2dB
Return loss:≥50dB
work condition:-25℃~+70℃
Durability time: ≥1000
FC to FC Simplex Fiber Optic Adapter (Singlemode, Metal, UPC, Square Solid Type, With Flange)Fiber optic adapter (also called fiber optic coupler), is a medium designed to connect two fiber optic cables or fiber optic connectors together. It provides a great solution to meet the growing demand for small form factor, high-density fiber optic connectivity.
This FC Simplex Adapter allows you to patch together FC connectors or FC fiber patch cables quickly. The FC coupler is particularly suitable to connect two single fiber FCs for a fast, precisely, quality field connection. The FC adapters feature zirconia ceramic alignment sleeves which provide precision mating for singlemode applications.

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