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DVR Security Box

Quick Overview:

LE DVR lockbox is ideal for applications when security is important and easy access to equipment is essential. It can be used in home or office settings to secure DVR, VCR, or other electronic equipment that stores sensitive media. Secure equipment inside the box with the lockable hinged door.
A mechanically interlocking top is removable, when the door in unlocked, to allow easy access to equipment for servicing.
A built-in fan with power cord and side air vents are included to prevent equipment from overheating which helps with performance and longevity.
Punch out holes located in the back of the box allow for simple and organized cable management.
Made from 1.2MM SPCC quality cold rolled steel for strength and protection with a black electro-static powder coated finish.

LE has offered high-quality network cabling products at value prices with excellent responsive customer service and fast shipping.
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  • Specification



SPCC quality cold rolled steel
Thickness: 1.2mm

Loading Capacity

Static loading: 60kg

Degree of protection


Surface finish

Degreasing,Pickling,Phosphating,Powder Coated


18*18*5”     21*21*8”    21*24*8”


Ral9004; Ral9005; Ral7035


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