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  • K056-C6A CAT6A UTP 180° Toolless Keystone Jack
  • K056-C6A CAT6A UTP 180° Toolless Keystone Jack

K056-C6A CAT6A UTP 180° Toolless Keystone Jack


Quick Overview:

  • High-Density, Slim Profile
  • Toolless, Easy to Operate
  • Fire Retardant Housing
  • Gold-Plated Nickel Contacts Provide Corrosion Resistance and Signal Conductivity
  • Easy to Read Wiring Label to Facilitate Installation
  • Meticulously Engineered to Deliver Exceptional Performance While Streamlining Installations
  • Small Form-Factor for High-Density Installations
  • Phosphor Bronze IDC Contacts Ensure Excellent Conductivity, Durability, and Outstanding Resistance Against Wear or Corrosion
  • Fire Retardant Plastic Housing Provides Additional Protection Against the Elements
  • Meets and Exceeds EIA/TIA Standards
  • UL Compliant
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  • Specification

K056-6A Cat6A UTP 180° Toolless Keystone Jack

Physical Construction&Electrical Characteristics


Fire Retardant Plastic

Phospor Bronze:

50-60 micro-inch nickel plated

Number of Prongs and Conductors:


Contact Area:

3-50 micro-inch nickel plated

Minimum Opetation Temperature:

-40 º C

IDC Wire Range:

Solid 22-26 AWG

Maximum Opetation Temperature:

+70 º C


Max 200 punching



To complete your CAT 6A network we carry a full end to end solution including CAT 6A Ethernet cables,CAT 6A patch leads, RJ45 modular plugs, CAT 6A keystone jacks, splicing connectors, and wall plates. We also have a large assortment of tools, testers and cable management accessories that will help make your installation fast, smooth and organized. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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