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S/FTP CAT7 shielded PIMF twisted 4 pairs cable


Quick Overview:

Material Instruction
1. CCA or 23AWG Soft Plain Copper.
2.Eco-friendly,pollution-free and new materials selected.Promise new material only.
3.Insulation: Solid Foam PE
4.Eco-friendly PVC Jacket /LSZH Jacket , high-temperature resistance,long working life.

Physical Electrical Characteristics

Using standard twisted construction design, small crosstalk of signal transmission Upload and download in high speed transfer.
Support 10-Gigabit Ethernet netword transmission requirements.

DC resistance (max): 4.8Ω/100m at 20°C;
Mutual capactitance (max): 5.6nF/100m;
Unbalanced capacitance (max): 160pF/100m;
Dielectric strength between conductors (min): 2.5kV/2s;
Impedance: 1-600MHz 100±15Ω;
Differential phase delay (max): 45ns/100m;
Operating temperature: -50~+70°C;
Permitted bend radius: Over 8 times diameter of the cable.

155Mbps ATM
622 Mbps ATM

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  • Specification

Item Name     SFTP CAT7 Lan Cable
  TYPE     Cat7
  Construction     SFTP
  Conductor     CCA/23AWG Solid Copper
  Number of Conductors       8
  Insulation Material     Foam PE
  Shielding      Aluminum Foil and braiding
  Application     Lan cable
  Jacket     PVC/LSZH
  Operating temperature     -50 ° C - +70 ° C

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