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Multi - Purpose Network Wiring Tools Drop Cable Fiber Stripper 3 Stripping Guides


Quick Overview:

VERSATILE USE:Three-hole fiber optic stripper performs all common fiber stripping functions

HIGH PRECISION:The tool can strip the outside fiber jacket from the interior buffer coatingand 250-micron coating all the way down to the glass fiber without nicks orscratches

CONVENIENTSTORAGE: The safety lock allows the tool to be easily stored when not in use

LONG TERMDURABILITY: The tool is made of strong high carbon steel and the handle is madeof TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) for longer life and greater comfort

CE IOS9001
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  • Specification

Size: 6.3"(160mm)

Three stripping guides for 2mm outer jacket, 900um buffer insulation and 250um buffer(acrylate coating).
W/Adiusting Mechanism for special gauges, can  manually adjust the special gauges


  • Three-hole fiber optic stripper 
  • Strips the 1.6-3m fiber jacket down to the 600-900 micron buffer coating
  • Strips the 60-900 microns buffer coating down to the 250-micron coating
  • Strips the 250-micron coating down to the 125 micron glass fiber

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