Optical patch cord

Optical patch cord is a particularly popular technology for local-area networks. In addition, telephone companies are steadily replacing traditional telephone lines with fiber optic cables. In the future, almost all communications will employ fiber optics.

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Quick Overview:

HIGH QUALITY - MultiMode Fiber cables are made of a PVC

riser-rated zip cord jacket with ceramic ferrules, creating the best

possible connection for your installation. The connectors have a UPC

polish and are virtually immune to electrical interference. They are

100% optically inspected and tested for insertion loss.
COST EFFECTIVE - Fiber cables are an affordable solution for high

bandwidth applications when you need to transfer rates over long

BLAZING FAST CONNECTION SPEED - Used for high bandwidth applications

including the ultra-fast gigabit Ethernet.
EASY TO INSTALL - SC to SC fiber cables are easy to install. Both SC

and SC connectors are simply clicked into place in your network setup.
3 YEARS WARRANTY- This SC to SC 9/125 Singlemode Duplex Fiber Cable is so easy

to install and it is built to last.
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  • Specification

ST-ST MultiMode Duplex
Legth: 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20M
Color: Orange/Aqua
Insertion Loss: ≤0.3dB
Return Loss: Pc≥40dB, APC≥60dB
Repeatability: ≤0.3dB
Compatibility: ≤0.3dB
Insertion times: >1000
Working Temperature: -25℃~70℃


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