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How Can Your Server Rack Be Different

How Can Your Network Cabinet/Server Rack Be Different?

The most intuitive is definitely the appearance of the product
  • Logo/Design printing

You can print your logo on the door and top of cabinet.

Glass door can be printed 2 and more colors. If small logo or pattern on metal part, 1 color will be better.

  • Product color

-The common color of network cabinet and server rack is RAL9004 Black, RAL9005 Black, and RAL7035 Gray. Other colors are available with a certain cost, it depends on the quantity.

-Transparent glass is standard, we have smoky gray glass for you to choose.

-Decoration Strip, we can supply many colors. Like red, gray, blue, orange and so on.

  • Mould stamping

It will be the the clearest and most consistent design on the rack, though special design is more expensive.

LE have 30 years production experience of network cabling products.

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